Reasoning by analogy leads to


Which of the following statements are
false ? Choose from the code given
below :

1. Inductive arguments always
proceed from the particular to the
2. A cogent argument must be
inductively strong.
3. A valid argument may have a
false premise and a false
4. An argument may legitimately be
spoken of as ‘true’ or ‘false’.


Six persons A, B, C, D, E and F are
standing in a circle. B is between F and
C, A is between E and D, F is to the left
of D. Who is between A and F ?


The price of petrol increases by 25%. By
what percentage must a customer reduce
the consumption so that the


If Ram knows that y is an integer
greater than 2 and less than 7 and Hari
knows that y is an integer greater than 5
and less than 10, then they may
correctly conclude that


Four pipes can fill a reservoir in 15, 20,
30 and 60 hours respectively. The first
one was opened at 6 AM, second at 7
AM, third at 8 AM and the fourth at 9
AM. When will the reservoir be filled ?


What is the contribution of wind and
solar power in absolute terms in the
electricity generation ?


What is the contribution of renewable
energy sources in absolute terms in the
electricity generation ?


For Blind Students Only(Questions 7 – 8)

In a normally distributed data set, what
percentage of data points lie between
mean + 2 * standard deviation ?


10 is the mean of a set of 7 observations
and 5 is the mean of a set of 3
observations. The mean of the
combined set is given by


TCP/IP is necessary if one is to connect
to the


Each character on the keyboard of
computer has an ASCII value which
stands for


Which of the following is not a
programming language ?


Minimum number of bits required to
store any 3 digit decimal number is
equal to


Internet explorer is a type of


POP3 and IMAP are e-mail accounts in


Irritation in eyes is caused by the


Which is the source of
chlorofluorocarbons ?


Which of the following is not a
renewable natural resource ?


Which of the following parameters is
not used as a pollution indicator in
water ?


S and P waves are associated with


Match Lists I and II and select the
correct answer from the codes given
below :
List – I List – II
(i) Ozone hole (a) Tsunami
(ii) Greenhouse
(b) UV
(iii) Natural
(c) Methane
(iv) Sustainable
(d) Eco-centrism


Indian Institute of Advanced Study is
located at


Indicate the number of Regional Offices
of National Council of Teacher


Which of the following rights was
considered the “Heart and Soul” of the
Indian Constitution by Dr. B.R.
Ambedkar ?


Who among the following created the
office of the District Collector in India ?


The Fundamental Duties of a citizen
1. Respect for the Constitution, the
National Flag and the National
2. To develop the scientific temper.
3. Respect for the Government.
4. To protect Wildlife.
Choose the correct answer from the
codes given below :


The President of India takes oath


If you get an opportunity to teach a
visually challenged student along with
normal students, what type of treatment


Which of the following is not a
characteristic of a good achievement
test ?


Which of the following does not belong
to a projected aid ?


For a teacher, which of the following
methods would be correct for writing on
the blackboard ?


A teacher can be successful if he/she


Dynamic approach to teaching means


The research that aims at immediate
application is


When two or more successive footnotes
refer to the same work which one of the
following expressions is used ?


Nine year olds are taller than seven year
olds. This is an example of a reference
drawn from


Conferences are meant for


Ex Post Facto research means


Research ethics do not include


Video-Conferencing can be classified as
one of the following types of
communication :


MC National University of Journalism
and Communication is located at


All India Radio (A.I.R.) for
broadcasting was named in the year


In India for broadcasting TV
programmes which system is followed ?


The term ‘DAVP’ stands for


The term “TRP” is associated with TV
shows stands for


Which is the number that comes next in
the following sequence ?
2, 6, 12, 20, 30, 42, 56, _____


A person gets power


Right to Information is a major step forward to


The Prime Minister considered the Bill


The Commission made the Bill effective by


The Prime Minister considered the Bill innovative and hoped that


The transparency and public accountability is the responsibility of three organs of the State.
These three organs are


Find the next letter for the series
YVSP ………


Given that in a code language, ‘645’
means ‘day is warm’; ‘42’ means
‘warm spring’ and ‘634’ means ‘spring
is sunny’; which digit represents
‘sunny’ ?


The basis of the following classification
is :
‘first President of India’ ‘author of
Godan’ ‘books in my library’, ‘blue
things’ and ‘students who work hard’


In the expression ‘Nothing is larger than
itself’ the relation ‘is larger than’ is


Assertion (A) : There are more laws on
the books today than ever before,
and more crimes being committed
than ever before.
Reason (R) : Because to reduce
crime we must eliminate the laws.
Choose the correct answer from below :


If the proposition “All men are not
mortal” is true then which of the
following inferences is correct ? Choose
from the code given below :
1. “All men are mortal” is true.
2. “Some men are mortal” is false.
3. “No men are mortal” is doubtful.
4. “All men are mortal” is false.


Determine the nature of the following
definition :
“Abortion” means the ruthless
murdering of innocent beings.


Which one of the following is not an
argument ?


Venn diagram is a kind of diagram to


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